• Pittsburg High School

    Administrator and Clerical Office Staff Statement About Customer Service

    Implemented Beginning February 14th, 2013

    Pittsburg High School is a large comprehensive high school serving thousands of students, parents, community members, teachers, administrators and classified staff members that have a stake and a role in the success of our school.  In serving our “customers,” the Pittsburg High School administrators and clerical office staff members recognize the important benefit of maintaining collaborative partnerships with our customers that ultimately promote the success of all P.H.S. students.  To maintain good partnerships, we will provide efficient services and approach all our customers in a friendly, pleasant and professional manner.

      As school administrators and office staff, we are committed to maintaining good two-way communication practices with our customers.  We will listen attentively and respond appropriately.  We seek to understand fully peoples’ needs, and we will use helpful communication techniques such as paraphrasing back to customers, when necessary.  Other communication techniques include: using a friendly and pleasant tone, making eye contact, conveying a genuine willingness to help, being in close proximity of customers, providing answers that are clear and courteous, and treating customers the way that we would want to be treated in their place.

     To promote collaborative relationships with our customers, we will be knowledgeable about the structure of the office’s services and about the system for providing those services in most appropriately.  Each one of us will try to resolve a customer’s need by ourselves, including appropriate follow-through as appropriate.  However, if another person in our office or in another school office is more able to provide better assistance based on information and assignments associated with that office, then we will redirect the customer to the most appropriate person for help.

     For customers entering the office when we are already assisting someone else, we will acknowledge their presence in a friendly tone and inform them that we will assist them as soon as possible.   When answering phones, we will answer as quickly as reasonably possible, with the goal of answering by the end of the second ring.  Whether assisting customers in person or by phone, we will go out of our way to assist them with answers that are clear, courteous and helpful to each of them.