Transportation Student Handbook



    We would like to encourage students to carpool due to the traffic congestions and street closures.


    Riding the bus is a privilege. Rules must be followed or the privilege may be revoked. It is in your child's interest that we work together to ensure safe transportation to and from school for all students.

    1. Students are not to arrive at the bus stop earlier than 5 minutes before scheduled departure time.
    2. Items such as radios, electronic equipment, aluminum cans, glass, animals, insects, reptiles, skateboards, athletic equipment (bats, balls, baseballs, basketballs, etc.) other unsafe items shall not be transported to school on the bus.
    3. Pre-Schooler students should not be at the bus stop unless supervised by a responsible adult.
    4. Foul or inappropriate language is not allowed.
    5. Students must follow directions of the bus driver.
    6. Students must stay in their assigned seat.
    7. Students must keep all body parts inside the bus.
    8. Pushing, shoving, cutting, horseplay or fighting will not be tolerated at any time.
    1. When a rider is guilty of a first misconduct offense, the rider will be issued a citation by the driver and reported to the Principal or Vice Principal for appropriate discipline.
    2. Upon a second offense of misconduct, the Director of Transportation will contact the parent and set up a meeting. The meeting will consist of the parent, child, Principal, bus driver and the Director of Transportation.
    3. Upon a third offense of misconduct, the rider may be denied transportation services for one (1) month.
    4. Upon a fourth offense of misconduct, the rider may be denied transportation services for the remainder of the school year.

    The following inappropriate behavior will result in automatic suspension of busing privileges:

    1. Physical harm to another student or threat of physical harm.
    2. Property damage (vandalism).
    3. Refusal to obey bus driver.
    4. Disruption to the bus driver and others.
    5. Any rider who creates a safety hazard on the bus will be removed without consideration of prior offenses.
    6. Any offense as listed on the “School Bus Conduct Report”. (See Page 27)

    All bus procedures and consequences remain in effect for field trips or other school related activities.

    On all school-sponsored field trips, excursions and athletic events, provisions must be made for proper supervision of students by school employees. Parents may assist in supervising students as chaperones, but they may not bring other children along on the bus. Parents/guardians may provide transportation for a school-sponsored trip, provided the parent shows proof of proper insurance coverage and the proper district forms have been completed and are on file with the Principal.

    On those occasions where parents elect to provide their own transportation for a school-sponsored trip and elect to bring siblings, the parents are doing so at their own risk. The District will not accept responsibility or liability.


    Any denial of transportation services may be appealed. The order of appeal shall be:

    1. Principal and Director of Transportation
    2. Director of Student Services
    3. Superintendent