Pittsburg High School Overview

  • Pittsburg High School originally opened for classes in the current School Street location in 1927. 
    • The current new school buildings begin serving students in August, 2010.
    • The current enrollment at the school for the 2016-17 school year is 3,327 students. 
    • There is 412,076 square feet of floor space on campus.
    • There are three areas of Pittsburg High School that have solar sub-arrays:
    • In the teacher's south parking lot, there are six solar sub-arrays
    • On the roof of the Creative Arts Building, there are two sub-arrays
    • In the parking lot of North Campus, there are five solar sub-arrays

    These solar panels produce over 1,020,000 kW of energy annually per year for the school!

    In 2013, the football/track stadium went through modernization, with a new synthetic football turf and new, 8-lane track.  Also renovated were the bathrooms on the home side of the stadium.  Also, currently under construction is a new baseball facility and field, behind the North Campus buildings.  See below for some photographs of the ongoing construction of the new baseball field.