Foothill Elementary School Overview

  • Foothill Elementary School opened it's doors in 1977. 
    • The total floor area of the school is 27,471 square feet. 
    • The current enrollment at the school for the 2016-2017 school year is 575 students.
    • There are five solar panel sub-arrays at the sight, with an annual production of over 408,300 kW of energy for the school. 
    During the summer of 2013, the school went through a modernization, funded by the 2004 Measure E bond. 
    • The modernization included HVAC replacement, new walls, teaching walls, overhead projectors, new clocks and data lines, and new furniture for each classroom.  
    • A new electronic marquee was installed at the school during the summer of 2016.
    • See the pictures below to view the modernization process the school went through.