• Hillview JHS Campus Replacement Project
    • PHS Softball Field & Fields Lighting Project

    • Parkside Elementary School - New School and Campus Replacement
    • PHS Tennis Court Modernization & Lighting Project
    • Los Medanos ES Portable Replacement Project
    • PHS Marquee Project
    • Kindergarten Classrooms & Restrooms Projects
    • Highlands ES North Property Line Fence Project



    • Highlands Elementary School Window In-Kind Replacement
    • Highlands Elementary School HVAC Equipment Replacement
    • PHS Stadium Lighting Retrofit Project
    • Willow Cove ES Fire Lane Paving & Drainage Project
    • MLK JHS Pedestal Foundation and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Statue Installation
    • Pittsburg High School - Gymnasium Buildings Lighting Retrofit 
    • Site Support Services Center - Integrated Energy Systems
    • Foothill and Highlands Elementary Schools - Replacement of Play Structures
    • Corporate Yard - New home for Maintenance, Operations, Transportation, Child Nutrition, and Facilities Departments
    • Willow Cove Elementary School - New Multi-purpose Room and modernization