3rd Grade Standards / Curriculum

  • In 3rd Grade, reading standards expand to analyze text in both fiction and nonfiction genres. Some of the focuses of the year in reading will be:

    - Character Traits

    - Main Idea / Lesson of the Story

    - Point of View

    - Asking and Answering questions based on text evidence

    We have an amazing curriculum, Engage New York, that we use for the year's units. Students get their own copies of books from many cultures to study and reread in class. 


    Writing is a large part of our 3rd grade curriculum. Students go from writing a paragraph in 2nd grade to writing a multi-paragraph essay in 3rd. We learn how to write informative, narrative, and opinion essays using evidence from 2 or more texts to support our writing. 


    In math, third graders learn to understand and use multiplication and division. This is the main focus of the year. We also learn to apply different strategies to word problems, understand and compare fractions, and find the area and perimeter of rectangular shapes. 

    We will be using a new math curriculum this year, SF Math. It's explorative and collaborative, helping the students to think outside the box.