Staff "Shout Outs"

We are very grateful for our talented and dedicated staff at Highlands! Please read our staff "Shout Outs" below in recognition of their hard work, collaboration and team effort!

  • "I'd like to give a Staff Shout Out to Mrs. Hull.  She has been a great colleague for our third grade team.  She has brought some very helpful knowledge to help us during distance learning, and has also been able to distribute materials to our third graders in times of need.  She is very appreciated!!!"

    - 3rd grade teacher, Ms. Carr


    "I'd like to give a shout out to Mrs. Hull for her efforts in distributing supplies to the third grade students yesterday!"

    - 3rd grade teacher, Ms. Cyrus


    "The 5th grade team did a phenomenal job supporting students as they created an interactive 'Black History Month' presentation for all of our Highlands Community to enjoy!  Way to go 5th grade!"

    - Vice Principal, Mrs. Belleci


    "Kathy O'Rourke deserves a 'Shout Out' for selflessly dedicating additional time to support her colleagues with technological needs.  She is very knowledgeable; willing to share her expertise and willing to troubleshoot any challenges.  She answers texts and phone calls throughout the day, and has a positive attitude about it.  Thank you for all of your extra time and support Kathy!"

    -3rd grade teacher, Ms. Cyrus


    "I'd like to send a Staff Shout Out to Roya Cyrus.  Roya has been a constant help to our grade level team.  She is a great sounding board and support when questions arise.  Roya is a dedicated educator that I appreciate as a coworker and a friend!"

    - 3rd grade teacher, Ms. Carr


     " I wanted to give a shout out to Kelly Jones.  She was more than willing to work as a team to collaborate and include Room 4 students during live zooms while I took my daughter out of state to college.  Now that is team work!"

    - 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Whitaker


    "I would like to give a 'Shout Out' to Mrs. Pena for a call that we received earlier this month.  This parent was thrilled that her student had a teacher that gave her student individual help, and a teacher that supports other student needs."

    - School Clerk, Nicolette Nino


    "My staff 'Shout Out' is for Mr. Abraham.  He's been very helpful and supportive while I try to navigate starting at a new school, in this distance learning platform.  I've had multiple questions for him, and he's always happy to help.  I'm very appreciative."

    - 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Olesberg


    "Big high-five to our awesome office staff, Nicolette, Deborah and Luz!  They are the nucleus of our school and have been doing a great job supporting families, teachers and students on a daily basis!  They do whatever it takes to get the job done, and work well together as a team.  We are very grateful!"

    - Vice Principal, Mrs. Belleci Webb