• Martin Luther King, Jr. Junior High School

    2020-21 Physical Education Class Syllabus


    Instructor: Mr. Fagundes

    Email: jfagundes@pittsburgusd.net

    Remind: @mrfagunde

    Classroom: Gym


    Class Description: In this class scholars will develop their motor skills and learn about developing a healthy lifestyle. We will work with technology to complete our assignments and still be able to stay physically active and turn in videos of physical activity for assessment.


    Class Goals:

    • Enhance scholars understanding of health literacy and skills to lead a healthy lifestyle
    • Develop effective motor skills.
    • Provide scholars with many opportunities to use digital technology
    • Provide scholars a way to perform fitness remotely and have their fitness assessed by the instructor.
    • With remote learning we will be focusing on health concepts along with our movement/fitness activities.  We will work on; Heart health, Healthy eating, Hydration, Importance of sleep, Decision making and Negative effects of tobacco and drugs on the body.
    • Well will work on rules and concepts for the sports we hope to play when back on campus.


    Grading Scale:

    25% Participation: 3 zoom sessions a week, in class participation with questions and being on camera for physical activity.

    25% Assessments:  Using flipgrid or independent class time, scholars can demonstrate motor skills and movement which will be assessed by the instructor.

    50% Assignments: Physical Education assignments through google classroom.

    • (Example rubric for a typical week:)
    • 10 points for participation (3 classes 2 points for being present and active in class [6 points], 4 points for in class questions or video participation =total of 10 points for the week.
    • 10 points for assessment, example weekly warm up video: scholar records themselves using flipgrid doing our 8 warm ups (10 points).
    • 20 points for assignments: Two 10 point assignments due by the end of the week (20 points).
    • Those 4 categories would equal 40 points for the week (the two Assignments would be 10 points each (50% of the weekly points), Participation is worth 10 points (25% of the weekly points) and Assessment is 10 points (25% of the weekly points).



    Late work: Work turned in after the due date on google classroom will still be accepted but at 80% of the original assignment grade.  Better to still turn an assignment in late for 8 out of 10 points, than 0 points.

    Parents can be linked to scholars google classroom and see what work is due, not turned in, or late. Scholars grades will be updated in Aeries and Google Classroom.  If you are not already linked please send me an email from the email you wish to be linked to their account with.



    Missed Zoom class make ups: If a scholar misses their zoom class session, they can contact me and make up the missed class with the other tracks meeting.  If a scholar misses both meetings, classes are recorded and I can provide the video and slides that were used for the scholar to catch up on anything they missed out on by not being in the zoom class.  



    Alternate work: Scholars who have issues using flipgrid, or are on medical and can not do physical activity will have written assignments they will work on instead of the physical activities.  These will be under the assignment tabs on this page, and scholars are expected to complete essays in complete sentences and return to work to me when the physical activity work would normally be due.  




    Mr. Fagundes

    Email: Jfagundes@pittsburgusd.net

    Remind: @Mrfagunde

    Phone: (925) 473-2500 ext. 3555