• Here's a message from Rickia Fortenberry who is the Program Manager of the STS Academy, please check out all the various classes they are offering virtually to our high school students.


    "My name is Rickia Fortenberry and I am the Program Manger here on campus for the after school program. We are now into the second half of the year, and I just wanted to refresh everyone’s mind in regards to the programs we offer here on campus.


    We are STS ACADEMY (success through self) PACC (Pittsburg after school community collaborative)


    Our after school program offers a number of different programs, and they are all here on campus! We offer the following:


    Cooking, Mastery Center, Teens to Teach Tutor Program, Gardening, Barbershop, Step team, Driver’s Ed, Cosmetology, Nutrition Program (all PHS students can come to the cafeteria after school and grab some food to eat), and we also offer opportunities for community service.


    All students are welcome to join our programs. These programs are here for students that want to learn new things, brush up on their skills that they already have, and most importantly, to do something positive after school. A lot of these programs are unique programs, that students will be able to use outside of school and even in their adult lives."