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    Getting Started

    1. Make sure you know your new PUSD account info! If you're unsure or want to double-check, go into Aeries and on your student profile under "contacts" you'll see that the student email is now and underscore (_), first initial, last name, then @pittsburgusd.net (i.e. _jmartinez@pittsburgusd.net). It's important to reference there in case you have the same name as someone else - then a number would follow the last name (i.e. _jmartinez3@pittsburgusd.net)


    2. Before going into Google Classroom, you MUST sign-in to Clever. bit.ly/cleverpusd

    - The username will be the student I.D. number (i.e. 44444); password is will be "pusd" followed by the student I.D. number (i.e. pusd44444)


    3. Once you get in, DOWNLOAD THE CLEVER EXTENSTION!!!!


    4. In Clever, you will be able to access all classes, and have an embdded app which will take you to Google Classroom.




    Zoom links are listed under "Online Resources" and will be used for the entirety of our class. There is another docuement for Zoom protool under the same topic drop-down. No matter what, that is the link you will use whenever we meet for class. 

    The other topics listed will be utilized when we begin learning course content. Materials will be kept under the topic of discussion while ALL assignments will go to the "assignments" topic. 


    I hope this helped. Reach out for any questions or concerns! :)