Art of Video Syllabus

  • Art of Video Production 2020/2021 Syllabus 

    Art of Video Production  Instructor: Paul LaCasse  (925) 473-2390 ext. 7730   

    Hello Students and Parents:  Welcome to the 2020-2021 (virtual) school year! Things will be somewhat different for this course during the  remote-learning format. Traditionally this course would be more hands-on, however, during remote-learning we will  be taking more of a film studies approach. Once we transition to a hybrid or in-person setting, this syllabus will  change to encompass other components of this course. 


    As a student of this course, you will expand your understanding and appreciation of the art of cinema through a  study of the historical, technical, literary, and sociological aspects of filmmaking. We will study the history of  movies, cinematography, composition, editing, sound, special effects, film genre, screenwriting, acting, and  directing. All concepts will be illustrated through film clips, comprising scenes from over 200 different movies.  Throughout this process, we will view, analyze, and discuss a number of complete films, representing the highest  achievement of the art form.     


    To understand how films are made  To understand the choices made in creating a film  To understand what makes a film bad or good, and what makes a film great  To understand the effect technological advances have had on the development of movies  To develop an appreciation for the collaborative nature of moviemaking  To analyze films from a technical, literary, and aesthetic perspective  To understand film’s place as a unique narrative art form  To understand the history of the movies, and major film movements of the twentieth century  To understand the concept of film genre  To write critically and analytically about film  To develop public speaking and presentation skills   


    Methods used will include, but not be limited to, Mini-Lectures, Video Examples  Group Projects, Written Assignments, Quizzes, and Class Discussion.       


    While the films from which illustrative clips are derived range in their MPAA rating from G to R, rest assured that  scenes portraying nudity or extreme violence will not be shown in class.   


    There are 4 Categories everything in this class falls into:  50% Daily Participation  A total of 25 participation points every week, normally broken into 5 points per day. Students are expected to  actively participate in group work, class discussions, and projects.  30% Assignments/Projects  Each project will have a grading rubric based on specific criteria.  20% Test and Quizzes    *​Please note: State Requirements for participation have changed during this Virtual Learning Phase of Education.  Virtual Interaction on a Daily Basis is required and your daily participation/attendance is important and will be  graded as such.   


    For those interested: Community Service can be obtained by filming school events. Extra Credit can be obtained by  filming/editing personal projects or editing the filmed school events to be aired on​ PTV Daily Announcements​.   


    Please be on Time:​ and ready to engage during your allotted class time.  The Zoom Class will be posted daily.  During those times, your camera will need to be on for verification purposes – you  do not need to be on video during lectures/notes, classwork otherwise unless you choose  to. 

    Please Be Respectful:​ ​(of others, self, and property): use appropriate language, treat items well, use supplies  appropriately only, avoid vulgarities and obscenities, be kind to others. This applies  to audio, visual, as well as written documentation. You will be muted, video screen blocked,  and potentially removed from the class live meeting if you are not being respectful and a  parent communication will occur. Other consequences as warranted will be determined on  a case by case basis. 

    Be Positive as this is new to All of Us:​ Logging in and engaging is part of your success.Do your best to be on task  and focused during the entirety of class daily. Reminder, if you are not asking or answering questions, contributing  to class discussions, and uploading your work to google classroom – you are not participating at your best.