This is our portal that will help you and your student access google classroom, other learning programs, links and other materials that students may need. Be sure to set up the CLEVER extention for google chrome to help you log into google classroom. 


    Click here to learn how to access CLEVER

  • Google Classroom



    This is where students will get assigned work and turn it in. To access it, students need to be logged into their PUSD Google account. The easiest way to do that is to be logged into CLEVER and instal the CLEVER extention for google chrome. Then just click on the google classroom link on CLEVER and it will log you into Google Classroom.  


    Please follow these directions to connect to google classroom


    Directions Slideshow in english


    Direcciones en español


    Video directions 

  • Remind


    This is a messaging app that allows you to text me messages of questions or conerns. Also it allows me to send out anouncements and reminders to the students. I will be using remind, CLEVER, and Google Classroom to send out Zoom Links and reminders of classwork. 


    Click here for REMIND CODES

  • Zoom


    This is a video confering system that we will be using to meet with our students. With the Zoom meetings we will give lessons, lectures, activities, discussions and other types of learning to your students. Please make sure to keep a look out on Remind, Google Classroom and CLEVER for links to join the Zoom meetings.  


    Click here to sign up for Zoom


  • FlipGrid 


    This is a website and app that alllows students to post videos in response to a topic. For example I could ask students to explain the differences between animal and plant cells. Then the students can make a short video response about the differences. It is an interactive way for the students to showcase their learning. 



    Click here to learn how to use FlipGrid