• We will be using this APP for our virtual class meetings.

    Please download the Zoom APP


    How to log on our zoom meeting:

    Sign on to Clever. 

    Under announcements you will find the link to our zoom meeting along with the meeting ID and password.

    Try to sign on a couple minutes before our start time. 


    Zoom Etiquette

    1.Please Mute mic when not talking, you would be amazed on how much gets picked up in the background, As much as I love my dogs people got tired of hearing them in the background. It also helps us hear whomever is talking. We will mute students' mics if or when necessary.

    2, Please raise your hand and wait to be called on to speak. It’s very difficult to hear when you have 20 faces talking to you all at once.

    3. We want to see your bright smiling faces! Make sure camera is centered and right side up on face

    4. Please be respectful of all your classmates. We can all see each other's backgrounds in zoom. Please no inappropriate backgrounds or faces while on zoom

    5. Please no inappropriate remarks in the comment box

    6. Zoom is the way we will be taking roll. Because of this please put your first and last name as name tag ​only

    7. Please wear school appropriate clothing

    8. Please show up to class about 3-5 minutes before to make sure you are on time


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