• Google Classroom Class Codes:



    1st Period: knxng4y


    2nd Period: il2kznf


    4th Period: lzcqxj2


    5th Period: mop5zc3


    6th Period: 7oqljsl

Follow the steps below to join my Google Classroom:

  • Hi Scholars,

    Find the instructions below to join Google Classroom for Mrs. Tuncman's science classes. Please make sure that you enter the right code for your class period. 


    PS: These instructions are only if you are NOT going to use Clever to join Google Classroom. 


    1. Sign in to your school gmail account. 


    2. After you sign in, on the upper right corner, you will see a waffle icon. Click on it.  


    3. Choose "Google Classroom" icon and click on it.   


    4. On the upper right corner, you will see a "+" sign. Click the "+" sign and click "Join class".    


    5. You will be prompted to enter one of those codes at the left whichever is your class period.