Frequently Asked Questions

  • In this page you will find commonly asked questions. I will continue to add questions and answers that benefit parents and students.

Q&A Student edition

  • How do I sign up for Clever? 

     This year the distric want students to use Clever as a one-stop log in. Please have ready your student ID number and click here to read and follow the instruction.


    How do I sign up to my google classroom?

    To join your google classroom your teacher will be emailing you an invite to your pittsburg email and/or sharing the class code for you to join. 

    How to join a Google classroom:

    Go to

    At the top, click +Join class

    Enter your class code 

     Please note:

    • You must use your school email accounts
    • Use your actual name when registering.


    How can I sign in to my google classroom?

    You can go trough your clever portal or if you are already in the class you can click here and use your school email 

    Go to

    • You must use your school email accounts


    Can I use other Gmail account?

    No, for your safety and the safety of our classroom environment you need to use the gmail the school will be providing


    Where can I find the link to my live class?

    For the safety of our online class the lnks to our live class are posted in our password protected google classroom. Please use your real name as it appears in the class list or you will not be admitted into the session.  


Q&A Parent Edition

  • How can I help my child at home?

    The best way to help is by having the student follow the structure schedule the school is providing

    It is important for the student to have the time and place to concentrate in the concept and material that the teacher is presenting.

    In the classroom we teachers minimize/remove distractions (at home distractions like videogames, phones, TV, music, etc...)

    Check in and have a conversation about the student's day of learning


    What is my child learning in your class?

    This year I am teaching Spanish 2 and Spanish 3. Each class is divided in something we call themathic units and I have listed the units I can statements in the class website so parents and students can see in detail what are we working on in each unit. To reach our course detail page click the course your student is taking and follow the link in each unit

    Spanish 2 Course Details

    Spanish 3 Course Details


    What language do you use to teach your class?

    I teach mainly in the target language (Spanish) and I use visuals, gestures, repetetive language (vocabulary and language structures), and language in context to help students understand and to clarify meaning and when need it I use english for clarification as well. This approach to the teaching of foreing languages is recomended by our professional association and includes the use of materials in the target language as well like reading, videos, etc. Our goal as foreign language teachers is to aim for 90% of the course in the target langauge. For more information click here 


    Why is my student struggling with the classwork?

    Every student blooms at his/her own time. It is important to support the student and help them by having them go over the material the teacher has assign. I would not be assigning things I dont believe the student can't do. If you noticed the student is struggling have them practice vocabulary we are using, go over their notes, re-read the passage, listen to the video one or two more times, etc... And very important send me an email to check with me as soon as posible so we can discuss the student's engagement in the live sessions.