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  • Closing the Digital Divide











    Message from Gateway Rotary


    Closing the Digital Divide is a program pioneered by Gateway Rotary because of a heartfelt need in the Pittsburg community. Many households in Pittsburg do not have internet connectivity and that problem was highlighted during COVID-19 when school was dismissed and Distance Learning was taking place at home. This digital divide demanded action, so we partnered with Pittsburg Unified School District, provided initial seed money, and are now reaching out to community members and organizations to assist in this effort. 100% of donated funds will go directly to closing the digital divide. All funds raised will help bring free internet service to families. The funds will be set aside as restricted funds solely for that purpose. Comcast has also partnered with us and will be offering low cost internet service; your donation will help us cover the cost for students. We ask for your heartfelt support.... Our students deserve this.


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