• This page is dedicated to instructions and tips for accessing PUSD's Online Summer School learning.   Details to help students access Clever and Google Classroom are found below along with these key access and troubleshooting tips:



    Clever is PUSD's primary portal providing you to access to Google Classroom and other district learning resources.

    LOGIN TO CLEVER WITH YOUR STUDENT ID: Student's log in to Clever with their Student ID # as described below.

    GET THE CLEVER EXTENSION: Be sure to install the Clever Extension in your web browser in order for Clever to connect you automatically to programs like Google Classroom.  See the instructions and video below for how to install the extension when you first sign in to Clever.  You can also use the following links to install the extension in your browser if you'd like or if you don't see the Clever Extension Installation link in Clever when you sign in. Here are instructions and links to add the Clever Extension to your Browser.  We recommend you use the Chrome Browser.

          1. Google Chrome (Chrome Browser Preferred!)
          2. Mozilla Firefox
          3. Microsoft Edge
          4. Safari
          5. Internet Explorer

    ALWAYS LOG OUT OF PERSONAL GMAIL ACCOUNTS TO JOIN PUSD ONLINE CLASSES: Before accessing either Clever or Google Classroom please log out of all personal gmail accounts (these personal accounts can conflict with your district google account).  For instance, multiple accounts open can make it hard to log in to Google Classroom the first time via Clever or directly through the Google Classroom page.  Also, multiple accounts open can block you from joining a classroom with a "Class Code".

    LET CLEVER PROVIDE YOU WITH YOUR GOOGLE ACCOUNT LOGIN CREDENTIALS: NEVER try to enter a username or password for Google Classroom in your Clever account (you should not have to).  If for some reason you don't go automatically to Google Classroom when you click on the Google Classroom Icon and, instead, you see a log in screen, then your district username and password should ALREADY be filled in.  Do not change them.  Simply click through and accept the username and password provided by Clever.   Changing those will cause the link to Google Classroom not to work.  If you can't get in to Google Classroom because the username or password is not working, then your teacher can contact IT or Clever Help in the district to make sure your username and password are correct.

    NEVER TRY TO USE A PERSONAL GMAIL ACCOUNT TO ACCESS DISTRICT GOOGLE CLASSROOMS - it simply won't work.  Your district account does not look like a regular gmail account is is not username@gmail.com, instead it is username@pittsburgusd.net.  But, if you go through Clever, Clever already knows your district account name.  A PUSD student account also starts with an underscore character "_" followed by your first initial and last name and possibly some numbers.