• Hello Families! We will be using Clever, Google Classroom, and Zoom to support us during distance learning. Below is our class weekly schedule and information on how to access Clever. Google Classroom can be accessed by clicking the link on the Clever homepage. All the information, classwork, tests, and homework your student will need to be successful with distance learning will be posted on Google Classroom.



    Mrs. Yokel's Distance Learning Schedule




    Clever - is a universal login website that we will use to access Google Classroom, iReady, Imagine Language & Literacy, and 

    Learning A-Z. 

    • To log into Clever, students use their 5-digit student ID as their username and their password is "pusd" + their student ID.

    For example: 

    Username: 12345

    Password: pusd12345

    • Once you log into Clever, you will be able to access the following platforms:
      • Google Classroom - This is where I will post assignments and materials. Students will turn assignments inon Google Classroom. Click on the "Classwork" tab in Google Classroom to access assignments.
      • iReady - This is a program that we will be using for independent math and reading practice. 
      • Imagine Language & Literacy - This is a program for English language development that we will use for more independent reading and language practice. It was specifically designed for English language learners but it's a great program for all first grade students. 
      • Learning A-Z - This website contains lots and lots of books for reading practice. Students can also record themselves reading and check their comprehension by taking quizzes on books they read. As students read they earn points.


    Zoom - This is where we will hold our live class meetings. 

    • A direct link to all live Zoom classes can be found on our Google Classroom under the "Classwork" tab.
    • When logging into live Zoom classes, please sign in using your student's name.  Only students will be allowed into Zoom classes.
    • Try to provide a quiet work space or consider headphones if sharing space.
    • Please make sure your child has all their materials ready when they come to zoom so that they are prepared and don't have to leave their workspace to get anything once class starts. They should have their reading and math textbooks, notebooks, pencils, crayons and/or colored pencils, red and blue pens and any other materials that will help them be successful (i.e. the math and reading resources we have provided).
    • Students should be the ones participating, doing the work, asking questions, etc.
    • It is not expected that students will have an adult with them throughout the live sessions.
    • Be mindful of background audio and visuals. Use appropriate language, clothing, etc.