• Weekly communication Week ending 5/8

    Posted by Jason Pisano on 5/3/2020

    Weekly Communication from Mr. Craft week ending 5/8/2020


    Good afternoon everyone,


    I would like to thank Mr. Pi for all the work and information that you will be reading below.  Please refer to his page for some of the videos he is mentioning below.  


    I hope you are all finding some way to keep yourself well during this hectic time.  A couple of quick announcements:


    If you are going to email me with concerns, work etc, please make sure to include the student name and period in the subject line.  


    I (Mr. Pi) have posted a new video to my Hill view webpage that goes into more detail on how to upload homework to the McGraw Hill app.  Uploading your work here is the only guaranteed way for me to see it and get your work graded promptly without you having to remind me that you emailed me stuff.  With the sheer number of emails I'm getting things are definitely going to get lost.  If you don’t want to have the hassle of emailing me about missing work please make sure everything is uploaded to the app.  There are now two videos on how to do so, so hopefully that helps.


    A note on Zoom meetings.  I will be hosting 3 Zoom Meetings this week and the invites will be below this.  Zoom meetings are for checking in with questions or concerns.  There is no new material that is covered there and it is exclusively a place to request help.  If you do not need any help or have no questions you do not need to come to the meeting.  At this time they are not mandatory.  If you are checking in weekly and doing your homework then you are good.



    I will be having Zoom Checkin classes this week, please attend if you can.  I will be "checking in with students" and answering any questions you or your parents may have.  

    7th Grade math - 1st, 3rd, 4th and 6th. 

    Wednesday - 4/29/20 - 10:15 am

    Meeting ID - 718-553-3075

    Passwrd - 428hillv02 

    7th Grade Accerelerated Math  - 2nd Perid

    Wednesday - 4/29/20 - 11:15 am

    Meeting ID - 718-553-3075

    Password - 428hillv02

    6th Grade Math - 5th Period

    Wednesday - 4/29/20 - 12:15 am

    Meeting ID - 718-553-3075

    Password - 428hillv02


    Finally the assignments for the week ( all assignments are the Reteach and Skills Practice unless otherwise noted):


    6th Grade:

    9-4:  Changing Dimensions

    9-5  Polygons on the Coordinate Plane

    9-6:  Area of Composite Figures


    7th Grade Regular

    9-7:  Independent and Dependent Events

    Math Project 1


    7th Grade Accelerated

    11-8:  Similarity and Transformations

    Math Project 1


    About Math Project 1

    Directions:  You will use the textbook to complete a math project at home this week.  You can do this project as: a google slide presentation, a small poster, or a video.

    You must choose from one of the Inquiry lab  assignments from the textbook. The project does not have to be from the current chapter but it does have to be from this semester. (7th Grade Regular: chapter 5 and up or 7th Grade Accelerated: Chapter 7 and up)

    Here are some suggested pages to look at for the Inquiry labs:

    • 7th grade

      • pg. 749 - 752

      • pg. 661 - 664

      • pg. 571 - 574

    • 7th grade accelerated 

      • pg. 592 - 594

      • pg. 519 - 520

    You must include the topic of the project, found on the top right corner under the title Inquiry lab​.  If none of these topics work, please look through your book to find others that are more interesting to you.


    The Project will be due by 8pm on Sunday May 10th and is in the place of a test on the chapter.  There will be an assignment on the McGraw Hill App for you to turn in any materials you have.  If it is a google slide or a video please send a link that we can go to view it.  If it is a poster, take a picture and upload it like normal


    As always, any questions feel free to email,


    Be Safe,


    Mr. Craft

    7th Grade Math Teacher

    Hillview Jr. High School