• PUSD's G-Suite for Education Tools: Google Classroom


    PUSD has now rolled out G-Suite for Education.  G-Suite is, of course, a suite of online Google tools including: Docs, Slides, Meet, Calendar, etc.  All of these are now accessible to PUSD Staff based on activating your new @pittsburgusd.net account.


    This page includes Getting Started guidance and links to PD videos and resources, to complement district offered webinars and support. 




    Tip #1:  Active Learning: While it can be useful to watch a PD video all of the way through, consider being an active learner and doing some hands-on learning as you listen.  For example, you can play a video about setting up a Google Classroom in one window of your browser, watch one or a few steps, then pause the video and do what you just learned in another window while logged in to your own Google Classroom account, then continue the video, and so on.   Try it!


    Tip #2: Personal Learning Style/Preference: There are a wealth of videos and video presenters out there, especially as regards G-Suite and Google Classroom.  At some level choice of video/presenter may be a personal preference and personal learning style.  If you find a presenter you like, definitely consider subscribing to his/her YouTube channel (or "follow" them on Twitter, etc.).  Below are links to step-by-step videos, like those provided by Google for Classrooms itself; but also a couple of varieties of teacher presenters, who vary between being practical and good at explanation, or relatable and able to provide tips/tricks that a simple "how-to" will not do.  Check them out.  They may lead you to other presentations on YouTube or elsewhere that work for you.


    PD Resources

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