• NEW ONLINE***LMC Application Workshops 

    The first thing that student needs to do is to enroll to LMC by completing the application! 

    Here are some things to remember for Seniors: 

      1. Answer the questions as if you have already graduated. 
      2. Have a valid email ready when doing the application.
      3. Your SSN number will be added when filling out the application, this does not apply for undocumented students. If you do not remember the SSN then make sure to turn that information to admissions & record at LMC. 
      4. Students should complete the orientation through there Insite portal and then sign up for the Assessment & Early Registration Workshop after receiving their LMC student ID/Username information through their email after completing the application.


    NEW VIA ZOOM***Assessment & Early Registration Workshop

    This workshops focuses on the three steps needed to get early registration. Students will, with the assistance of an LMC representative, complete their assessments, learn how to use the Plan & Progress tool for Ed Planning and completed their online Orientation.