Bell Schedule (Distance Learning)

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Zoom Meeting Scholar Behavior Expectations

  • Conduct During Classtime

    1. Scholars must join ALL of their Zoom classes via CLEVER, NO EXCEPTIONS!

    2. Once you are in the ZOOM meeting type the word “here” or “present” in the chat box. 

    3. Your camera must be enabled throughout the duration of class unless you need to step away from the computer or otherwise instructed. 

    4. If your camera is having difficulties please reach out via a private message to me and explain why.

    5. Use the chat box for engaging in the lesson, not private conversation. 

    6. No siblings or animals in the ZOOM meeting.

    7. NO CELL PHONES. We have a short amount of time together during the week, we need to make the best of it. 

    8. No eating on camera. I provide you with a break during class time for a reason. Eat during that time. 

    9. Keep your mic muted unless you are speaking. Background noise can affect our ability to hear.

    10. Sign into class at least five minutes before we begin. This allows you time to check your audio settings to make sure your mic works and to enter ZOOM correctly with the proper name. Finally it ensures you are on time. Having the class wait for your late arrival is very rude.  



    Submitting Your Assignments


    • Work will be accepted through GOOGLE CLASSROOM. Be sure to complete your assignments by the due dates listed in google classroom.

    • If you have not joined GOOGLE CLASSROOM for history please to do IMMEDIATELY!