Degrees and Certifications:

BS Zoology and Wildlife Minor from Humboldt State University, 2014. Secondary Science Teaching Credential from CSU East Bay, 2019. Masters in Educational Technology from CSU East Bay, 2020

Mrs. Shelby Mincey


My name is Shelby Mincey, I am a second year teacher at MLKJJHS. I teach 7th grade science as well as the Automation and Robotics elective class.

As a new teacher I am still becoming a part of the famous Tiger Team but am enjoying getting to know the variety of scholars that attend our school. I have had a passion for science since I was young, spending my time dreaming of working with tigers. It was a dream I actually pursued and achieved earning a BS in Zoology with a minor in Wildlife from Humboldt State University in 2014 I then interned for big cat sanctuaries in AR and NV for a year. It took 13 years to reach my dream, some have to strive much longer for theirs. I plan on supporting others to go for their dreams as a teacher while teaching science with passion. That being said, I find it wonderfully ironic that the first school I get to teach at is home of the Tigers!

My elective class is automation and robotics which includes design and modeling. Scholars learn how to design and build simple and complex mechanisms. Starting with design they draw to communicate ideas, then we apply the drawings to iterative building. The builds change to simple mechanisms in robotics finishing with the addition of electronics and coding to create automated systems.

During this time of Corvid I, like everyonelse, have been staying home. I have been filling my time playing assorted games (cards, PC, PS4), cooking with new interesting recipes, tending a very small garden, visiting close friends and family, and more recently doting on our dog Lady's new pupppies. Along the way I have picked up a book or two, attempted to cut my own hair, and overall become very bored with home. I am really looking forward to the start of the school year to reinvigorate my social aptitude and reconnect with other humans even if it is only through a screen. 


I look forward to giving MLKJJHS my all this second year!


If you would like to contact me please email me at the following address or join Remind with the appropriate codes found on the Remind page:





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