My classes are run as “paperless” as possible.  Assignments are posted on the Schoology website (www.schoology.com).  Once the assignment is completed, work is turned in via Google Drive (www.google.com).  Each class period has a unique gmail address to which they submit their assignments.  Once I have graded the assignment that the student has submitted, I input the grade into Aeries.  


    I will post class assignments here on my teacher page so parents have an easy place to access current assignments.  However, assignment details will be available in Schoology.    Parents are encouraged to create their own Schoology accounts and join our class section in order to learn more about the details of a specific assignment.  

    How to create a Schoology student account:

    1.  Go to www.schoology.com

    2.  Click on “Sign-up” and choose “Student”

    3.  Enter specific code for the class section you want to join:

    Digital Recording Studio:  DGJS-DBXH-FJ2MV

    Advanced Audio Production:  GKNJ-77JS-X3R3T

    4.  Fill-in the requested information.

    5.  You can now join your class section.


    • I encourage parents to contact me via district email (jreyes@pittsburg.k12.ca.us)

    • Students can communicate with me via their period-specific class email address:

    - Period 1:  phsdigrec01@gmail.com

    - Period 2:  phsdigrec02@gmail.com

    - Period 3:  phsdigrec03@gmail.com

    - Period 4:  phsdigrec04@gmail.com

    - Period 6:  phsaaprod01@gmail.com