• Hello Everyone!

    Here you will find access codes for contacting me (Ms. Gonzalez) and accessing schoolwork online!

    REMIND CODES: (the quickest way to get ahold of me)

    ENGLISH 2 -  TEXT @eng2agg to 81010

    CREATIVE WRITING - TEXT @aggp46 to 81010


    GOOGLE CLASSROOM CODES: (to access all of the schoolwork while we're away)


    1st Per. English 2 - 6hsxqli

    2nd Per. English 2 - zyv4oza

    5th Per. English 2 - zvfx2hh



    4th Per. CW - 7g6am3a

    6th Per. CW - 66b5trv


    You can access Google Classroom via a smartphone, tablet, or computer. There is a phone app for Google Classroom that is the easiest way to use it if you work from a smartphone.