Mr. Russell Hsieh (pronounced "shay")

Phone: (925) 473-2390 extension 7819 // Google # ‪(925) 361-2305‬


Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Russell Hsieh (pronounced "shay")

Hello, students and parents!

I'm sure you are all concerned about how we are going to proceed with school in this difficult and challenging time. Our administration and teachers are working hard every day to try to find the best ways to educate all of our students while we are under orders from the State of California to shelter in place. 

I have developed some online resources for us to communicate and continue our education remotely during this time. Below you can find links to Google Classroom codes, Remind text codes, my website, and email and phone number. If you should have any questions on how to access or use these tools, please don't hesitate to contact me in any one of the ways found below. 


Contact Information 


School Phone: (925) 473-2390 extension 7819

Google Voice number: (925) 361-2305 (you can text this number)



Google Classroom

1st Period - English 1 - 2iwuafa

2nd Period - English 3 - krfphii

3rd Period - English 1 - vic6i2h

4th Period- English 3 -  iw2j62t

5th Period- English 3 - 3zzk3bb



1 an 3 Periods | Eng 1 S 

text @school814 to 81010

2, 4, 5 Periods | English 3

text @furball to 81010

English 1

1st Period 

Class id: 23155182 

Classroom enrollment key: pirate

3rd Period 

Class id: 23173970

Classroom enrollment key: pirate


English 3

2nd Period

Class id: 22750401

Classroom enrollment key: pirate
4th Period

class id: 22750421

Classroom enrollment key: pirate
5th Period

Class id: 22750439

Classroom enrollment key: pirate