Facilities Master Plan Survey - We Want Your Input

  • Dear PUSD Families and Community Members,

    As part of Pittsburg Unified School District’s 10-Year Facilities Master Plan process, the District is requesting feedback on our District facilities from our community stakeholders. Your input will be incorporated into a facilities needs assessment and will assist the District and its Facility Master Plan team with developing future capital projects at each of the school campuses. Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/GYTNJF7

    Thank you,

    Pittsburg Unified School District


    Estimadas Familias del PUSD y Miembros de la Comunidad,

    Como parte del proceso del Plan Maestro de Instalaciones de 10 Años del Distrito, el Distrito está solicitando aportaciones sobre las instalaciones de nuestro distrito de parte de las partes interesadas de nuestra comunidad. Estas aportaciones se incorporarán a una evaluación de las necesidades de las instalaciones y ayudarán al Distrito y a su equipo del Plan Maestro de Instalaciones a desarrollar proyectos futuros de capital en cada uno de los planteles escolares. Por favor tome unos minutos para completar esta encuesta: https://es.surveymonkey.com/r/6SZR6ZV


    Distrito Escolar Unificado de Pittsburg

Parkside ES Construction Photos - May 2020

Facilities & Planning Department Overview

Annual Contractor Prequalification Information and Forms Due December 18, 2020

  • Pittsburg Unified School District is a California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act (CUPCCAA) school district. 


    What does this mean?  The Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act is a program created in 1983 which allows local agencies to perform public project work up to $ 60,000 with its own workforce if the agency elects to follow the cost accounting procedures set forth in the Cost Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual of the California Uniform Construction Cost Accounting Commission (Commission). The Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act (Act) is enacted under Public Contracts Code Section 22000 through 22045 (hereafter abbreviated as PCC 22000-22045).

    In addition, the Act provides for alternative bidding procedures when an agency performs public project work by contract:

    1. Public projects of $60,000 or less may be performed by a negotiated contract or by purchase order (PCC 22032(a)).
    2. Public projects of $200,000 or less may be let to contract by the informal procedures set forth in the Act (PCC 22032(b)).
    3. Public projects of more than $200,000 shall be let to contract by formal bidding procedures (PCC 22032(c)).

    The benefits of the program are an increased force account limit, allowing for informal bidding for projects between $60,001 and $200,000 reducing the number of formal bids needed, and it expedites contracting for small projects.


    CUPCAA Contractors Calendar Year 2021


    The district invites licensed contractors registered on the DIR website to submit an application to be included in the Pittsburg Unified School District's Prequalified & CUPCCAA Contractors Listing. 

    Applications can be obtained by going to CUPCCAA Contractor Registration Application for Projects Under $1 Million in Cost or by contacting the Facilities Department office at 925-473-2448.   

    Trades and Services Needed:


    Contact:  Facilities Specialist



Facilities Aerial View of District

  • An aerial view of the City of Pittsburg and the locations of the
    District's schools.

    Aerial View of Pittsburg CA

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