Facilities & Planning Department Overview

  • Welcome to the Facilities Department Home Page.  To see what is going on with Facilities at the various sites, just click on the links to the left.  There you will find information about the school site, it's solar output, pictures of the school from the air and the ground, a list of contacts regarding any Facilities questions you may have, and at the bottom of each school site page, a look at the pages from the District's 5-year Master Plan, created in 2008.  There, you can see what the District had proposed for changes and growth, and what has or hasn't happened since that time.

Annual Vendor Pre-qualification Information and Forms

Facilities Aerial View of District

  • An aerial view of the City of Pittsburg and the location of the
    District's schools in the city. 

    Aerial View of Pittsburg CA

Facilities & Planning: Contact Information